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- Broward County Department of Health

- Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

- Hawaiian Helicopters

- ERA Helicopters

- TEMSCO Helicopters

- Island Helicopters

- Papillion Helicopters

- Sundance Helicopters

- White Cloud Inc. Aviation

- GAMA Aviation

-Sikorsky Aircraft

-Keystone Helicopters

-Virtua Health

-NY State Sheriffs Association

-Monroe County Public Safety Association

-The School District of Philadelphia

-City of Rochester School District

-Philadelphia Federal Credit Union

-Galileo Group Incorporated

-Florida Institute of Technology




Associated Law Firms


The Wolk Law Firm

- Philadelphia, PA


Saltz, Mongelluzi and Bendesky

- Philadelphia, PA


Mongelese and Eddelstein Attorneys at Law

- Philadelphia, PA


Morgan and Akins, PLLC

- Philadelphia, Pa


Joseph Byrne and Associates

- Dallas, TX


The Lanier Law Firm, PC

- Houston, TX


Larkin, Axelrod, Ingrassia & Tentenbaum, LLP

- Newburgh, NY


Doig and Doig Attorneys

- Media, PA


Elk and Elk Attorneys

- Mayfield, Ohio